About Us

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Hi... My name is Bruce Bernstein and I created the AerGun® brand with the goal of producing high quality, low cost bicycle pumps that addressed the many problems I'd encountered with the many pumps I'd purchased over the years. 

After trying both inexpensive and expensive bike pumps, I came to realize that price was not always a determining factor in the quality of the experience I had with them. I also noticed that most were made in boring, cliche colors. I wanted to add some 'zip' to the bike pump - bring it into a more modern age. Our first offering, the AerGun X-1000, is a great pump at a fair price that lasts a long time.  And, it comes with a 2 Year Guarantee - as far as we know, that's the longest in the industry.

There are 2 things in life which I find most bothersome... 1) Products that don't work the way claims say they will, and:  2) Companies that don't care about their customers, or respond to their needs. We do our best to under-promise and out-perform and work each day to improve.

Our pledge to our customers is 100% satisfaction. Give us a try and see.