AerGun Mini Bike Pump

$ 25.97 $ 49.97

Cyclists... Eliminate the CO2 Hassle!

Lightweight, Easy-To-Use, and convenient, the Mini costs less than
CO2 Cartridges, and can be used over and over again.
The Mini Pump mounts next to your water bottle cage...
You won't know it's there, Until You Need It!

AerGun Mini Bike Pump with Bike Frame Mount!

The AerGun Mini is cut from the same mold as our AerGun X-1000 Floor Pump - which has been a Top Rated Product in its category on Amazon!  It incorporates the Latest Mini/Micro Pump Design, Technology, and Efficiency for one great pump.

We're a USA company with Thousands of Happy Customers.

The new AerGun Mini pump is a Dual Action Hand pump. Fast & Efficient, it comes with the innovative AerTight pump head that won't leak air when removed from the valve and instantly moves between Presta & Schrader Valves... without the need for any adjustments or adapters, Guaranteed!

High Quality with AerTight Pump Head
• Instantly switch between Presta and Schrader Valves for Fast,
  Easy Fill: No Pump Head Fiddling, Switching, or Adapters Needed
• High Pressure, High Power - Machine Tested to 100 PSI (6.9 Bar)
  Expect 75 to 85 PSI

Leak-Free: AerTight Pump Head Won't 'Leak' Air When
  Disconnecting from Valve
Dual Action Pumping: Fill with half the strokes
Pressure Gauge: No More Guessing the Pressure in your Tires or
  other Sports Equipment
Ergonomic Grip: Contoured for Easier pumping
Ball And Bladder Needles Included

Powerful, Affordable, Dependable ...Guaranteed! Lasts a long time.
No Questions Asked Limited LIfeTime Guarantee

Plus: Free eBook ($9.99 Value) with Your Order: "The ABC's of Bike Tires... How To Choose
the Best Tires For Your Bike" (eBook will be emailed to you. If you do not provide an email address,
(we will not be able to send you the free eBook)

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